Storage and Packing Tricks That Will Make Relocating Convenient

Much has been about moving and packing, enough that people would prefer to just stay in their place for keeps. Most of the time, you will hear the words “expensive”, “exhausting”, and draining in a sentence, when moving is concerned.

Although some of the words have ring of truth in it, there are ways to make relocating less stressful, especially the packing and organizing part. If you will be relocating soon, here are some packing and storing hacks that you can employ to make moving dead simple:

  1. Use small containers for heavy items


All of us has a tendency to use bigger boxes thinking that we can put more stuff on it. But the downside of this practice is, it will make the boxes more difficult to carry and move since the load capacity is maximized. If you are moving alone, it would be a struggle to move these big boxes by yourself. To make carrying things a bit easier, fill some containers with heavy items and the bigger boxes with the lightweight belongings. It would be easier for you to carry the containers to and from the location.


  1. Use your blankets as packing materials


If you are running tight on moving budget, you can use some of your belongings as packing materials. For example, you can use your blankets, towels and rugs to wrap the fragile items that you need to pack. You can also use your socks as an alternative to pack your socks. That way, you can save on space and from buying additional packing materials.


  1. Use saran wrap for your toiletries


Leaking of bottled toiletries can cause damage to your things. This usually happens when the bottles are packed upside down or not sealed properly. Prevent item damage cause by leaking bottles by putting a saran wrap on each bottle before closing it. Not only you will be saving lots of your belongings from damage, you will spend less on buying a new set of toiletries.


  1. Use your laundry bins to use


Another way to save on packing materials is using your laundry bins and baskets as storage containers. You can put your linens, sheets, and other lightweight item on these storage bins. Avoid putting delicate and fragile items on laundry bins. There is a high chance that these kinds of items will be damaged during transport.


  1. Save space by rolling


If you have too much clothes to pack and is running out of space, then roll your clothes instead of folding them. Rolling would give you more space in the suitcases and the boxes and you can squeeze in some items in between the clothes.

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