Handy Guide To Simplify Your Move Overseas

Relocating from your old home to your new residence can be a little intimidating. But, moving overseas can be twice as difficult compared to a local relocation. Since you will be miles and miles away from your previous surroundings, an overseas move can strike fear in anyone who thinks about moving internationally.

But, no matter how intimidating and scary international relocation is, there is a way to make it less daunting and more exciting. Here is a simple guide that you can use in planning your overseas move:

  1. Search for a moving company as early as possible

Unlike local relocation wherein you can book a moving service in urgent, overseas relocation would require considerable amount of time to plan the logistics and do the packing itself, so it would be best if you can scout for an international moving company that can help you with the impending move. 8 weeks before your scheduled move and departed is the ideal timeframe to find movers for your relocation.

  1. Start comparing quotes

As early as two months, contact moving companies and request for quotation. It may seem a little early, but having one the soonest would help you plan the move smoothly. Set a criteria and budget for prospective moving companies and select the one who will fit your requirements.

  1. Do some digging about your new location

As mentioned, overseas move can be more complicated than locals ones due to the location. To lessen your worries, you need to start researching about the new place. When researching about your new location, think of yourself as its citizen. Searching the place in tourist mindset would lead to you getting the wrong information. What you need to look for are the establishments that will help you settle in, like banks, hospitals, schools, telco services, etc.


  1. Start your packing plans and checklist

Packing your belongings in advance can help you meet your timeline, especially if it is an overseas move. As early as 6 weeks before your departure, you can start with packing some of your personal stuff in the box. It would be best to prepare a checklist to ensure that nothing will be forgotten or misplaced.

  1. Get the whole family involved.


If you will be moving with your family, be sure to get them involved with the packing preparation as well. The moving company would probably do the majority of the packing task, but getting it started wouldn’t hurt either. Give each family member a task that they will do, but be sure to give them proper instructions.


  1. Get rid of unnecessary clutter

The good thing about packing is that you will be able to identify and categorize your belongings – from important to for disposal. Remember that you cannot bring everything with you on your international relocation. The best thing to do about things for disposal is either throw them away complete or give them to a charity.

  1. Tie loose ends a month before the actual move

With so much attention given to the new location, some homeowners forget to settle things in their previous home. It is important that you do this before you leave. A month before that actual move, notify people of your departure and relocation. Start cancelling contracts and utilities and be sure to settle your last bill.

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