Steps involved in visa application for Canada

If you are a citizen of Qatar and willing to visit an international country for any reason then you would definitely need a visa of that specific country for this purpose. There are several countries for which you can apply visa for but for each of them, appropriate filling of visa application is necessary. Like if you are willing to visit US then you must be quite cautious in filling US visa application Qatar and make sure that you are not making any mistake as this will be the base from which your chances of approval would be decided. In this article we will only discuss about visa application of Canada that if you are willing to visit Canada then what steps are required to get Canada visit visa from Qatar.

Check the website 

If you have decided to visit Canada then first of all you must go on IRCC website so that you could get all relevant information about the procedure. The application form and checklist are already present on the website. You just have to download both of them.

Appropriate filling of application form

The second consequential step is the filling of that form and make sure that you are doing it appropriately without any mistake. The filled form is then required to be printed on white non glossy paper because any downloaded or hand written application form will not be tolerated. 

Collect all the required documents 

On the other hand collect all the valid documents as according to the downloaded checklist. Make sure that all the documents are original and free from any false statement. The important documents include your medical record, identity record and much more

Payment of fees

The next important step is to pay the fees for Canada visa application as according to the requirement of IRCC website. You can submit your fees through online transaction but if you are unable to do so then you can also pay in cash via VFA global services. They will also provide you with a confirmation receipt of payment which you have to submit along with your documents. 


The last and most important step is the interview. This will finally decide that whether your visa is going to be approved or not. You have to bring the complete application form, supported documents, payment receipt, passport and photos along with you on this day.

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